Gay Couples Still Not Equal When It Comes to Taxes (Podcast)

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–Despite historic and decisive victories at the Supreme Court, same-sex couples are still not fully equal with different-sex couples in the eyes of the U.S. tax code.

That’s the conclusion of University of Pittsburgh law professor Anthony Infanti, who specializes in the intersection of tax policy and gender and sexuality. Infanti speaks with Yuri Nagano about all of the tax benefits that same-sex couples still can’t take advantage of and about just how gendered the language of the tax code really is.

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Biden IRS Will Face Stark Inequity in Audit Targets (Podcast)

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–Research from former IRS economist Kim Bloomquist made waves last year when he found that the agency’s audits of low-wage Earned Income Tax Credit filers had been going up while audits of high-income earners were going down.

Bloomquist tells Yuri Nagano why this has been happening and how—or even whether—the Biden administration will attempt to tackle this problem.

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Taxes, Race, and Real Estate Make a Complex Triangle (Podcast)

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–Public policy researcher Donnie Charleston with think tank E Pluribus Unum says the tax system in America provides white taxpayers with benefits that people of color often don’t or can’t enjoy.

Charleston speaks with Yuri Nagano about how the racial history of real estate in the U.S. is still causing great inequality, through cumulative effects of redlining, property valuation, and more.

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Facebook’s Tax Trial Over Irish Assets Wraps in San Francisco

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–Facebook and the IRS finished up the first four weeks of their U.S. Tax Court trial in San Francisco today, which will move to Washington, D.C. in June.

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Facebook Tax Trial Judge Won’t Subpoena Zuckerberg, Sandberg—Yet

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–Facebook fended off, at least temporarily, the IRS’s demand that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg appear on the witness stand in the company’s closely watched U.S. Tax Court trial.

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IRS Presses Ex-Facebook Dublin Exec on Headquarters Influence

For Bloomberg Tax from San Francisco–An IRS attorney pushed a former Facebook sales director in cross-examination during a high-profile tax trial to establish how much Dublin was in charge of Facebook Ireland’s growth.

The nature of Facebook Inc.’s Irish operation is at the center of the social network’s tax battle against the Internal Revenue Service. Facebook is challenging a tax bill that relates to the value of intangible assets, such as trademarks and technology, that the company transferred to Ireland in 2010. The IRS alleges the assets are worth billions more than what Facebook claimed. 

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