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Yuri Nagano 永野百合

Yuri Nagano is an American business journalist reporting in both print and broadcast. Using her native-level Japanese skills (both spoken and written), she has edited and reported from Tokyo and California for major U.S. news organizations including Bloomberg Industry Group, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Associated Press for more than a decade, covering everything from business, politics to sports, both enterprise and breaking.

Born in Tokyo, Nagano grew up in both Northern and Southern California (San Francisco and Los Angeles area) from age two. Nagano majored in Japanese Art History at the University of Tokyo. Hoping to make art documentaries, she joined the BBC of Japan, NHK, upon graduation as a programs producer (NHK job title was ‘director’). There, she fell in love with the world of journalism. After obtaining a master’s degree in journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, Nagano moved into the world of start-up journalism in Silicon Valley. This first foray failed, but she learned from the experience and has been reporting for various news organizations – large and small – since.